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Transportation Services

If you need transportation of passengers in any way, FBTT Travel is your partner on Curaçao. This could be a VIP transfer in a luxury vehicle, a tour for a disabled guest in a wheelchair bus or transportation from your group; we are able to help you.

FBTT Travel offers a wide variety of transportation solutions. It owns the largest fleet of coaches on the island, with over 500 seats divided over 16 vehicles and we make use of thoroughly selected partners that share our vision about quality.

This way we are able to provide the following services

  • Transportation of cruise passengers
  • Transportation of stay-over tourists
  • Disabled people on a daily or incidental basis
  • Crew transportation
  • VIP transportation in luxury cars and vans
  • Transportation of international artists
  • Staff transportation
  • School trips
  • Weddings, business meetings, groups or events
  • Local events

Our own mechanics maintain our fleet of busses on a daily basis, to secure a safe and guaranteed operation of the vehicles. Our cleaning team makes sure that the busses are clean and the windows are spotless, to increase the experience during tours.


We have the following vehicles available:

  • VIP cars
  • VIP vans
  • Minibuses (9 seats)
  • Coasters  (27 seats)
  • Wheelchair bus
  • Luxury coaches (35 & 45 seats)
  • Luggage van and trailers

All vehicles are modern and from good quality, have good working air conditionings, seatbelts, PA-systems and comfortable seating. Together with our partners we are able to offer 750 seats at the same time.


Our drivers are very well trained and experienced. Many of them work already many years with our company. They know how to assist the guests and help them where needed or give interesting information about the destination. They are real hospitality professionals, they drive with care and in a very safe way and how to create a comfortable transfer or tour.


FBTT Travel is a full-service company specialized in touristic and transportation services.
We are active in the following fields:

  • Travel Services
  • VIP Services
  • Tours & Activities
  • Cruise Related Services
  • Transportation of Guests
  • Destination Management



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