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Travel Services

FBTT Travel offers a wide variety of travel services to many international wholesalers, touroperators and the tourists visiting our beautiful island.

Some of the services we offer are:

  • Airport Transfers
  • Hostess Services

o   Meet & Greet at the airport

o   Welcome package and meeting

o   Assistance of the guests with problems and complaints

o   Offer car rental, tours & activities

o   Provide flight information

o   Emergency assistance, 24/7 availability

  • VIP Services
  • Procurement assistance & handling of contracts
  • Accompaniment of site inspections
  • Providing information about destination to the wholesalers
  • Special events, conferences and groups handling

If requested we can offer services in which we carry out your own identity to the utmost. This could be, for example by using your company uniforms for your designated hostess.

Meet & Greet

Our professional hostess team will welcome your clients with a smile when they arrive at the airport and will escort them to the transfer vehicles, after they have given the clients a welcome package. The guests could recognize your designated hostess by her uniform and a clear sign with the name of the wholesaler the guests booked with or their names in case of a private transfer.


Our hostesses are there to assist your guests and to accompany them for the duration of their vacation. Our team is multi-lingual and is able to serve in English, Dutch, German, French and Spanish. During the welcome meeting they will provide the guests with information about the accommodation, our beautiful island Curaçao and the tours & activities that we offer and the accommodations will be visited on a regular basis during the week.

The hostess will assist the guests, if they encounter any problem during their stay and will communicate, on your and their behalf, with the accommodation or the wholesaler if needed. To give them a secure and safe feeling, we have an emergency number available 24 hours a day and our hostess will visit the guests personally in case of a calamity and assists them during that process.

Tour Operating

FBTT Travel is the local expert and is able to assist our partners in any way with the purchasing process. We will be advising you which hotels are the best fit for your program, make the appointments for site inspections and accompany the buyers during their visit. Furthermore, we inform our partners on a regular basis about important developments on the island and we conduct quality checks with the accommodations on request.

We are also able to handle the entire purchasing process and provide you with finalized contracts, pictures and fact sheets from the accommodations. 

For several of our partners we handle the reservation process. We check availability with the hotels and help find alternative accommodations if needed. 


FBTT Travel is a full-service company specialized in touristic and transportation services.
We are active in the following fields:

  • Travel Services
  • VIP Services
  • Tours & Activities
  • Cruise Related Services
  • Transportation of Guests
  • Destination Management



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