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Destination Curaçao

Curaçao, Caribbean culture with European flavors!

Curaçao is one of the islands part of the Royal Dutch Kingdom and is located just in front of the coast of Venezuela and in between Aruba & Bonaire. The island measures 182 square miles and is 38 miles long and a maximum of 7.5 miles wide. The distance to Venezuela is 42 miles. The island has 150.000 inhabitants with 109 different nationalities.

The atmosphere is typical Latin American, Caribbean and alternated with Dutch European influences. This particularly makes the island so special. If you walk through the city center Punda, you can find on one hand a typical Venezuelan floating market and on the other hand beautiful European styled merchant villas dated back from the golden age.

FBTT Travel’s objective is to show the guests the different aspects the island Curaçao has to offer. As a result we will show them several of the beauties of the island.

The island is a mix of several cultures, has a history that dates long back and fortunately a lot has been preserved. The nature is spectacular and contains many different aspects. Curaçao is known for its beautiful and exclusive beaches. But also for shop lovers Curaçao has many things to offer. You will find fine art; design products and all the popular brands are represented.

The island has a lot of high quality accommodations available. On Curaçao you will find hotels in different classes but also the bungalow/villa parks are extremely popular. With 2 high quality resorts that have their own great golf courses the island is also a perfect destination for this target group.

On Curaçao you can do a lot of spectacular activities. It is fantastic to sail the Caribbean Sea on a catamaran. You can swim with the dolphins or hand feed the sharks at Curaçao Sea Aquarium. It is a great experience to explore the island on a mountain bike, an ATV or in a “fun bug”. The underwater world is stunning, so it is the ideal destination for snorkeling or diving. If you prefer to relax, you could do that on one of the various sailing trips or a large variety of beautiful beaches.

The nightlife on the island is great. You have numerous restaurants offering delicious local and international cuisine. After this you can visit the casinos or dance the night away under the palm trees in one of the clubs located at the beach or in town.

With all this to offer, Curaçao has a lot of potential to grow to a top destination in the Caribbean. Where a lot of Caribbean islands are overdeveloped, Curaçao is still in progress.

FBTT Travel wants to be your key to this island. We want to help you develop your product for this destination and organize and improve the quality of the services offered to your clients.


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